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 a relaxing, easy-going atmosphere
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Welcome to Ginza
sushi & korean BBQ

Since June 2006, Ginza Sushi & Korean BBQ  has been providing its patrons and guests with the best sushi in Birmingham. We promote both the numerous health benefits and the exquisite taste of sushi. We never compromise on the authenticity, quality, and taste of our ingredients, acquiring the freshest fish from all over the world.  And only Korean BBQ place in Birmingham where guest can experience cooking on the table.

We are proud of our vast selection of fish, ranging from the more well-known maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), and hamachi (yellowtail) to some of the rarer choices, such as Uni (sea urchin), madai (Japanese red snapper) and kanpachi (young yellowtail). We also offer our guests with daily and seasonal specials that are constantly changing.

Our guests can enjoy a more enjoyable experience by accompanying our fresh sushi or Koran BBQ with a selection from our long list of wine and sake. With our freshest fish, delicious wines, and a relaxing, easy-going atmosphere, we are sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the best sushi dining experience in town.

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